Assignment Tracking for Students and Faculty app

Connect with Canvas LMS

User Guide

To use the App, you must first create a board into which you will be pulling the assignment data. You can create this board manually, but we recommend that you use the board template that we provide as part of this app.

To create a board from the template, you can go to the Template Center and search for “Assignment tracking for Students”. Alternately a user can also find the template in the Education category.

Please click on Preview to check out the details of the template or directly click on Use to create a board from the template. If you click on the Preview button, you will see the following screen.

Please can click on “Use Template” button to create board from the template.

Creating the board using the template

You can pull the assignment data into this board using the recipe that we will configure later. When you are done with creation of the board, your board will look like this:

The next step is to configure the board with your Canvas account. You will have to click on Integrate and add the recipe to this board which will help you pull the assignments into your board. Click on Add to board on this screen:

You will be taken through the authorization process to connect your Canvas LMS account to your Monday board. Once this authorization flow is over you will be redirected to a page where you can configure the recipe. Now you must map the columns on the board to the fields coming in from Canvas so that the data which is getting pulled from Canvas appears in the correct columns.

Once you are done with this configuration, you can add the recipe to the board and your assignments will be pulled into your board after a few mins. Also, any new assignments that are assigned to you will be pulled into your board after some delay (up to an hour) and may not appear instantly.